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Interested in a Live Event Painting?


Weddings, Corporate Events,



Award winning and classically trained artist Caroline Brown will set up at your venue and paint a one of a kind keep sake to commemorate your special day.  Guests will enjoy watching the painting come to life before their eyes. 

What To Expect

Live event painting is a unique opportunity for both you and your guests to enjoy. The artist arrives early to setup and begin building the framework and background of the painting.  She then paints the guests as they arrive. The painting is done in the impressionist style.


Having the artist paint from life allows her to capture the true atmosphere of the event and you will have an original work of art by the end of the celebration. 

Live Event Painting Prices

18x24 inches $1650

24x24 inches $1800

24x30 inches $2100

24x36 inches $2400

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