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Interested in a Live Event Painting?


Weddings, Corporate Events,



Artist Caroline Brown will set up at your venue and paint a one of a kind keep sake to commemorate your special day.  Guests will enjoy watching the painting come to life before their eyes.

Live Event Wedding.jpg
Live Event Painting.jpg

What To Expect

Live event painting is a unique opportunity for both you and your guests to enjoy. The artist arrives 2-3 hours prior to the start of the event to setup and begin building the framework and background of the painting.  She then paints the guests as they arrive, giving extra detail to highlight anyone you may want to be featured in the painting. The painting is done in the impressionist style.


Having the artist paint from life allows her to capture the feeling of the event.  A portrait of your event will stand the test of time over traditional photography.  The artist will continue to work with you after the event is over to ensure your painting is to your satisfaction and of the highest quality.

GBMC Live Painting Event.jpg
Live Event Painting Aly and Mike.jpg
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